Frequently Asked Questions

What model phones or devices are compatible with this technology?

Our products are compatible with Android phones as well as iPhone 7 or higher. 

Please note that iPhone 6s or lower ARE NOT compatible with alb products.

The list of compatible phones can be found here.

How do I activate NFC on my phone?

NFC is always activated on iPhones. For Android:

  • Tap on “Settings”.
  • Tap “More”.
  • Turn on both “NFC” and “Android Beam” options.

Where is the NFC reader of my phone located?

The NFC reader is located somewhere on the top back of your device. You can find out by gently tapping the phone on the product. Make sure your phone’s NFC antenna is within the range of 1cm of the embedded tag.


How long will alb product work for?

alb NFC tag can work for life! It all depends on your usage and environmental factors.

Can I edit my saved items anytime?

Yes, you can edit your saved items anytime and anywhere by using our alb app. This even works when you don't have your gift around.

How many items can I store in one of my alb products?

You can upload up to 5 components when you first buy one of our alb products.

How to edit and delete my memory on alb products, and can I lock my saved items on a gift?

To edit or delete a memory on your alb product, open the alb app and go to the alb tab. Press on your uploads, then you will be able to rename, delete or lock the saved item.

Do I have to sign up before scanning the tag directly?

No, you can enjoy the experience of alb products without signing up, however, it is mandatory in case you choose to save memories.